Enduring in the Work

Yesterday, I was catching up on some episodes from the Stand to Reason podcast…

It’s been awhile since I listened, so I downloaded the last 5-10 episodes (somewhere in that range) and began listening…

The one I started with was, unfortunately, a somber note.

Greg was discussing the death of conservative writer, teacher, and champion for the faith, Mike Adams.

Mike was a professor at a school in my neck of the woods (UNC).

While death is never really ideal (I mean, who wants to die?), the circumstances surrounding his death were…particularly…troubling.

It’s always interesting to me though how Greg can so masterfully take a situation—even a troubling one—and turn it into a positive, forward-looking message.

The thing I took away from it the most was “enduring in the work”…


Well, the point he made was very clear, and very poignant: The “old guard”—they’re dying off.

In just the past couple of years, we’ve lost:

  • Mike Adams

  • Ravi Zacharias

  • Norm Geisler

  • J.I. Packer

  • R.C. Sproul

  • And others…

Friends, that’s a heavy hitting list!

And it just reiterated to me the importance of enduring in the work—at any level—no matter what.

The baton is passing to a new generation of scholars, apologists, theologians, bible teachers, writers, and other needed leaders on the front lines of cultural engagement.

Personally, I’ve worked for the last three years or so to do my small part—and while I’ve had seasons of needing to shift my focus (I’m in the middle of one right now), I’ve always felt it to be VERY important to communicate that…I’m in this fight with you for the long haul.

Technology makes “publishing” easier than ever, and being someone whose work involves being on the forefront of technology, I try to use it to its fullest extent to make a difference—no matter how big or small—in my own little sphere of influence.

…That’s you guys, by the way.

So a couple things based on what I’ve said so far:

First, for my podcast listeners—The Bible Nerd Podcast is on hiatus at this moment, but is alive and well. We are getting lots of new listeners even daily! Which is so exciting.

And as I mentioned in a recent podcast update, in the midst of this hiatus, I am trying to sprinkle in content from some recent talks I’ve done, etc…so go subscribe if you haven’t yet!

Second, I am going to start writing more, but—sparing you the nerdy details—in a way that allows me to actually show up more often but fits so well into my regular routine that it will be easier than ever to do.

Third, this writing will have a few distinct characteristics:

  • Each one will be a blog post on my main website (steveschramm.com)…each of these blogs will be loosely branded under, The Bible Nerd Blog. (You don’t do anything different to access); in fact…

  • Each blog will be posted as an email. Yes, this very email is the same thing that will be published to the blog. This means…

  • 1) you don’t have to visit the blog to catch the latest thoughts on my current research, topics of interest, etc…

  • 2) the emails will be of varying length depending on the subject matter, and will aim to be “infotaining”—that is, an email you actually want to read.

  • 3) they will often contain a link to the more in-depth writing I have done (i.e., books) to go deeper on topics where warranted. I put a lot into my writing to make it the most helpful I can for you! So I will often simply point out a resource I’ve created to help you go deeper with the topic.

  • 4 - last one, promise) they will be much more frequent than you are used to hearing from me. I completely understand that you may not want that, and if that is the case, I would urge you to unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of this email right now. But know that if you stick around, I will do my best to make these emails useful, informative….and also a bit fun ;)

Okay! So, there’s your update.

”Steve, how often are you going to do this?”

That, friends, is a great question.

The answer: I have no idea—could be 3x a week…could be daily…idk.

But I am a writer. I love to write. I now have new tools that make it easier than ever. I have more ideas in my head than you could possibly care to know…

And most of all—I just want to endure in the work.

If the baton is passing—and it is—I want to be there to grab it and be sure I am doing my very best for the Lord.

So, there you have it, friends.

God bless you for your faithfulness to this point.

Enduring Together, Steve